White Pilot Shirts
White Pilot Shirts


Pilot shirts are broadly categorised into 2 fabric types, cotton blended and 100% cotton.


Blended cotton
Cotton blended fabric is a composition of 50% cotton & 50% polyester. This unique blend gives equal properties of both the material to the shirt, ie. cotton makes it comfortable to wear by allowing the body to breath, where as poly resists creasing and makes it easy to iron.


A closer look of the fabric will reveal tiny openings all over the surface. These 'air pockets' facilitate ventilation and helps in keeping the body cool.


Unlike other uniform makers, our fabric is thin, light weight but dense, thus much more softer and comfortable to use. Keeping in mind the high usage, it is specially created to have a longer lasting whiteness. The shirt brightens further wash after wash and gives a distinct glow under natural sunlight.


100% cotton
Egyptian cotton is considered to be of the best quality. Its long and fluffy staples makes the fabric smooth and soft. 2 fold (2 ply) cotton fabrics are made from 2 yarns twisted into 1. This twist creates tension in the yarn which makes the fabric wrinkle resistant.


Quality of cotton fabric differs by its thickness which is defined by the type of yarn. For instance 80's yarn is thicker than 120's thus 2 fold 80's fabric is thicker/heavier than 120's. Finer/thinner the fabric, denser is its weave, making it more pricey.


These'Pin point oxford' weave cotton is available in a large variety from 2 fold 80's upto 2 fold 200's. Its easy to care and comfy to wear.


100% Cotton Dobby fabrics have very tiny self designs made on the fabric surface. Due to these designs wrinkles are not prominent.


100% Linen
Irish Linen fabric have high moisture absrobency, are highly breathable and they are hypo allergic type. We pride in claiming that we are the only webshop where its available as pilot uniform shirts - Made 2 Measure.



Pilot trousers are made of matt weave poly viscose fabric which is most suitable for long hours of use. The colour is fast and wrinkles dont form easily. Colours available are black, navy and charcoal grey.

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