White Pilot Shirts
White Pilot Shirts
Cotton - Linen
50% Cotton 50% Linen

Made 2 Measure Pilot Shirts

~ good moisture absorbency

~ breathable, durable

~ double fused classic collar

~ puckering-free clear stitches

~ lock stitch for added strength

~ unique arrow stitch buttons


Available in long sleeves too
Measurements & personal preferences to be
specified after Checkout from Kitbag
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Price : $ 89.99

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  (min. 3 pcs)

Description :

At White Pilot Shirts, every shirt is tailor-made as per your measurement, size, shape & preferences.


These shirts are made of a blended Cotton Linen fabric. These pre-shrunk fabric are woven using 50% Cotton and 50% Linen. Natural slubs are present in the yarn.


Extracting the linen fibres from the flax plant is a time consuming process. The fibre is collected from the plants and then rolled and stored in shelter for 2-3 months, where it continues to soften. The fibres are then combed to remove excess impurities and shorter fibres. They are collected and spun together using a ‘dry spinning’ technique. This results in a stronger and heavier yarn which is ideal for heavy duty uses such as uniform apparel fabrics.

Collar, cuffs, pocket flaps, shoulder straps & front placket of these shirts are fussed with high grade interlining on heavy duty industrial fusing machines. This eliminates the possibility of forming air bubbles in these areas.


Pressure points (where the shirt is exposed to max wear-n-tear) of the shirts like pockets & flaps corners, short sleeves edges, are secured with 'lock stitch or bartek stitch' for added strength, leading to longer serve -life.


Buttons are sewed forming a distinct arrow pattern which points north. Up pointer is a signature of growth & optimism, cross (X) sign always symbolizes negativist. Moreover, the thread used for this operation is coated with a special component which melts & binds together on application of heat (ironing).

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