White Pilot Shirts
White Pilot Shirts
Grey Cotton Pilot Shirts
100% Cotton
  • pre shrunk soft cotton fabric
  • dense weave & wrinkle resistant
  • 2 layer fused collar & cuff
  • 20-22 stitch/inch
  • lock stitch at pressure points
  • unique arrow stitch buttons
Available in long sleeves also

Made~2~Measure : You will be directed to the

measurement page after checkout from Kitbag.

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  (min. 3 pcs)

Description :

At White Pilot Shirts, every shirt is individually hand-made to give you the perfect fit & comfort.


Both Made~2~Measure & Ready~2~Wear shirts are made on order. The latter lets you order quickly & easily as measuring is not required.


Made~2~Measure : Along with measurements, you can also choose between different shapes of collar, cuffs and pockets. Pocket flap style, pen slot position, shoulder straps shape & wing pin reinforcement size can also be customised. 


Fabric : These shirts are made of fine quality pre-shrunk cotton fabric which are woven using 2 ply (double fold) yarn. Twisting 2 yarns into 1 (thus called 2 ply) makes the fabric resistant to creases.


Quality of cotton fabric is defined by the thickness of the yarn. Finner (thinner) the yarn, softer the fabric. 140's yarn is thicker than 170’s but finner than 120's.


Shirts : Our shirts are hand made by aged craftsmen ensuring The Elegant Savile Row attire. Using very thin needles & even thinner sewing threads makes the stitches almost invisible without leaving ugly needle holes. Collar, cuffs, pocket flaps, shoulder straps & front placket are fused with high grade interlining on heavy duty industrial fusing machines. This eliminates the possibility of forming air bubbles even after prolong use.


Pressure points (where the shirt is exposed to max wear-n-tear) of the shirts like pockets & flaps corners, short sleeves edges, are secured with 'lock stitch or bartek stitch' for added strength, leading to longer serve -life.


Buttons are sewed forming a distinct arrow pattern which points north. The thread used to fix buttons is coated with a special adhesive which binds all the strands together making it strong and difficult to break.


!! Cotton is Cool ~ Cotton is Cozy ~ Cotton is Comfortable !!

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